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Seeds Of The Kingdom

RRP $17.99

Go beyond your five physical senses and experience the reality that lies within the spiritual with Dr. Keith N. Cleland's new bookSeeds of the Kingdom: A Spiritual Odyssey.

In a modern-day pilgrim's progress, Dr. Cleland takes readers on a journey through the spiritual events that have changed his life. All of his experiences leading up to this point, including the building of a steel mill in China in order to fund a Christian university, have led to his harmonization between this world and the spiritual world.

Readers will be reminded that they are truly in God's hands and that it is His job to do the work and ours to trust Him-keeping in mind that even that sense of trust must necessarily flow from Him.

All of these lessons have come from Dr. Cleland's own adventures, from helping found the International Christian Chambers of Commerce to witnessing struggling businesses become profitable.

For those seeking a way out of despair or sickness, for those who have found themselves disillusioned with not only their church, but also their overall experience as Christians,Seeds of the Kingdom: A Spiritual Odyssey offers new hope toward finding His guidance once again.

Silver Seeds

RRP $13.99

Is the night sky filled with stars, or are they really silver seeds? When you see fall leaves floating down from trees, could they be little brown parachutes? Maybe the moon is really a melon and your shadow is a silent friend. The lyrical poems and luminous illustrations in this stellar collection will stretch readers' imaginations. Can you believe what you see?
Illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Francher.

Glucosinolates In Rapeseeds: Analytical Aspects

RRP $237.80

This publication contains proceedings of a Seminar on GLUCOSINOLATES IN RAPESEEDS - Analytical Aspects, held in Gembloux (Belgium) from 1 to 3 October 1986. The meeting was organized by request of the Commission of the European Communities in the context of the CEC Programme of Research on Plant Productivity. The main aim of the Seminar was to contribute to the elaboration of reliable quantitative methods for glucosinolate determination in rapeseeds. Fourty Experts from thirteen countries participated in this Seminar. Original contributions which were considered of special importance for the subject covered by the Seminar were presented and discussed. Thanks are due to the Chairmen, Dr. Heaney R., Dr. Biston R., Dr. Ri- baillier D., Prof. Dr. Robbelen G., authors and participants in the meeting for their contributions, friendliness and cooperation. Special thanks go to Dr. Mc Gregor (Canada) and Dr. Uppstrom B. (Swe- den) who gave Members the benefit of their knowledge. Finally, I would also like to thank those who have helped in organizing this Seminar Director Lecomte R. (Centre de Recherches Agronomiques de l'Etat, Gembloux), Rector Ledent A. (Faculte des Sciences Agronomiques de l'Etat, Gembloux), Prof. Severin M., Dr. Biston R., Mrs Bock and all my colleagues.


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