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Magpie Pie

RRP $16.99

"Magpie Pie" by Squire Spicket is a theatrical play set in Pie Town, New Mexico, where the Annual Pie Town Pie Bake brings out the competitive spirit in area bakers. Desperate to be crowned the "Queen of Pie," one baker takes extreme measures to undermine the competition. Magpie Pie bakes small town gossip, magpies, microeconomics, and Pi together in one pie pan to create a humorous and engaging story for aspiring young actors to perform (ages 11-14). 23 speaking roles with expandable cast options 30-40 minute performance time Royalty-free performance rights License to modify and make copies Limited set and prop requirements Ideal for schools and community theatreSquire Spicket scripts inspire creativity, promote the dramatic arts, and are teacher, parent, student, director, and producer friendly. Each script includes a nonexclusive performance license with royalty-free performance rights, subject to a $15/ticket price limitation, and rights to make nominal changes to the script, including dialogue, characters, characterizations, time period, and setting for performance purposes. Squire Spicket believes that each young actor deserves a part that he or she can perform successfully. Therefore, each script includes characters with a few lines, a lot of lines, and lines that can be read naturally from a script attached to a podium, clipboard, or other prop. Additionally, there are numerous "main" parts; no one actor is the star of the show. The performance time for each Squire Spicket play is between 30-40 minutes; long enough to showcase your students, but short enough to keep the audience engaged throughout the entire production. Each Squire Spicket script presents a number of intriguing topics to investigate, which help the actors appreciate the script and their characters. "Magpie Pie" includes the following: Archimedes of Syracuse Oklahoma! by Rodgers and Hammerstein (Aunt Eller) Pie recipes, baking contests, and cultural references Cookbooks and chefs (e.g. Betty Crocker, Julia Child, etc.) Edible and non-edible nuts Beauty pageants Award ceremony acceptance speeches (e.g., Sally Field's misquoted 1984 Oscar acceptance speech) State of New Mexico geography and demographics Mark Twain Louisa May Alcott Locations and climates conducive for growing fruit and nuts Crows, magpies, and squirrels The term "Magpie" Idioms and similes Grammatical inconsistencies of speech v. prose Microeconomics, supply and demand Water chestnuts, nutmeg, corn nuts, and wing nuts The American Pie Council The Four Seasons by Antonio Lucio Vivaldi Brahms' Lullaby by Johannes Brahms Johnny Appleseed Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations Mother Goose Rhymes Sweet Potato Pie by James Taylor Shout by The Isley Brothers Fractions Circumference, diameter, and radius of a circle Pi equations Narcissism Orangutans, jalapeno peppers, grasshoppers, and crickets Mens rea (Latin for "criminal intent") Restitution and redemption From Squire Spicket to your group of young actors, break a leg!

Little Magpie And The Wild Pony Hunt

RRP $18.99

Little Magpie is a ten year old little Native American girl and all she wants is a pony of her own. But not just any pony. She wants to ride in the Wild Pony Hunt and catch her own pony! The problem is she is a daughter of the Horse People and her father has informed her that little girls do not ride in the Wild Pony Hunts. But Little Magpie is a special daughter of the Horse People; her friends are powerful magical spirits who begin teaching her how to Dream Walk and how to............ Well, we don't want to give the story away! Read Little Magpie's story to find out what happens next!

There's A Magpie In My Soup

RRP $14.99

Have you ever found a magpie in your soup whose wings have started to droop? Or what about that big black snake who’s hiding in your cake? Ever been ‘denied’ by a rude cockatoo in your loo? There’s a Magpie in My Soup takes children and parents on a rollicking, rhyming journey with some crazy Aussie animals that pop up in the most unexpected of places around the house. The first in the There’s a... series by author Sean Farrar, this book celebrates our Australian animals in a light-hearted, easy to read format. The next title in the series There’s a Koala in My Kitchen will be released in 2017.

About the Author

Sean Farrar is a freelance writer whose journey to become a published children’s book author has been inspired by plenty of life experience, international travel and his favourite role as a parent. Growing up in a creative writing environment fostered strongly by his father, Sean developed a great love for the likes of special poets such as Kenneth Slessor and Robert Frost. His recent role as reading group leader at his daughter’s school has created an appreciation for introducing children to the love of reading through fun and relatable (or perhaps far-fetched) experiences. There’s a Magpie in My Soup was inspired by the backyard antics of Sean’s local magpie population and their love of his bird bath. It gives new life to some great Aussie animals sure to loom large in a child’s imagination.


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