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A Practical Guide To Frozen Section Technique

RRP $381.99

A Practical Guide to Frozen Section Technique offers an easy to learn approach to frozen section technique in the form of a highly illustrated handbook intended for onsite use in the laboratory. The book begins with a novel, clearly delineated, step by step approach to learning continuous motion brush technique. Emphasis is placed on recognizing and correcting artifacts during the preparation process. The book addresses all of the steps in the preparation of slides from cutting through cover-slipping. The author s unique, original techniques for tissue embedding including face down embedding in steel well bars, frozen block cryoembedding and paper cryoembedding are detailed. Variables key to the quality of the preparation including block temperature, tissue properties and section thickness are detailed. The book also covers understanding the cryostat and basic maintenance and care.Sections covering techniques used in Mohs dermatologic surgery, and techniques used in basic animal and human research are discussed by noted experts in their field.

A Practical Guide to Frozen Section Technique will be of great value to pathologists, pathology residents in training and also experimental pathology researchers that rely upon this methodology to perform tissue analysis in research."

Therapists Guide To Learning And Attention Disorders

RRP $23.10

Practitioners seeking the most current advances in the field of ADHD and LD must often bridge the gap between research and practice. The Therapist's Guide to Learning and Attention Disorders provides that bridge through the authors, who are both researchers and practitioners with extensive experience in providing direct services to children and adults with ADHD and LD.
Practitioners are often faced with the choice of reading research or consulting text that suggest strategies or techniques for serving children and adults with ADHD that are not base on research. This book provides practitioners a translation of research to practice in one source.
This book provides practical forms, illustrations, and rating scales that can be readily incorporated into practice. The last chapter takes a fascinating look into the role of various practitioners twenty years into the future.
* Contains innovative strategies for assessment of ADHD and LD
* Provides practical and useful illustrations, forms, and rating scales for use in practice
* Provides discussions of future practice and developments in the field of ADHD and LD
* Presents case studies illustrating best practices

A Field Guide To Gemstones Of The Pacific Northwest

RRP $15.95

This full-colour, laminated field guide is your introduction to the beauty and wonder of the gemstones found in the Pacific Northwest, a region famous for its variety and quality of earth treasures.

From purple amethyst, carnelian, chalcedony, black and white onyx and emeralds to sodalite, sapphire and many more valuable stones--discover what lies in the rich geology just below your feet. This convenient brochure will help you to develop a keen eye for spotting gems in the rough and become more knowledgeable about local gemstones that are the equal of any in the world.

The Cathedral Church Of Lichfield

RRP $16.99

This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic, timeless works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.

Child Neurology Encounter Guides

RRP $228.99

The Association of Child Neurology Nurses has developed a collection of Child Neurology Encounter Guides for common neurology conditions. The topics include epilepsy, alteration of consciousness, paroxysmal involuntary movements, headache, post-concussion, tic disorders, developmental delay, and intellectual disability. The guides easily lead registered nurses, doctors of nursing practice, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, physician assistants, rotating medical students, and residents through an in-person or electronic child neurology encounter. This three-part toolkit- with educational topic overviews, quick reference pocket guides, and data collection tools-is ideal for educational training, protocol development, and quality management. Whether implemented in a private, managed care, or tertiary-level practice, the Child Neurology Encounter Guides can enhance patient evaluation and management efficiency, maximize the child neurology provider's time, and provide patients with access to "real-time" health care interventions. Julie M. Sprague-McRae, MS, RN, PPCNP-BC, has 39 years of experience in nursing and educational program development for nurses, physicians and patients. She is a pediatric nurse practitioner with Kaiser Permanente's Neurology Department in Fremont, California and is on the clinical practice committee for the Association of Child Neurology Nurses. Ruth K. Rosenblum, DNP, MS, RN, PPCNP-BC, has been an advanced practice nurse 25 years. She is an assistant professor at the Valley Foundation School of Nursing Doctor of Nursing practice program at San Jose State University and chair of the Association of Child Neurology Nurses clinical practice committee. Leslie A. Morrison, MD, is a professor of neurology and pediatrics at the University of New Mexico, vice chancellor for academic affairs, vice chair of neurology, division chief of child neurology and director of the pediatric neuromuscular service. She is an active researcher and is affiliated with several neurology subspecialty organizations.


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