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A User's Guide To Vacuum Technology, 3rd Edition

RRP $405.99

In the decade and a half since the publication of the Second Edition of <I>A User s Guide to Vacuum Technology</I> there have been many important advances in the field, including spinning rotor gauges, dry mechanical pumps, magnetically levitated turbo pumps, and ultraclean system designs. These, along with improved cleaning and assembly techniques have made contamination-free manufacturing a reality. Designed to bridge the gap in both knowledge and training between designers and end users of vacuum equipment, the Third Edition offers a practical perspective on today s vacuum technology. With a focus on the operation, understanding, and selection of equipment for industrial processes used in semiconductor, optics, packaging, and related coating technologies, <I>A User s Guide to Vacuum Technology</I>, Third Edition provides a detailed treatment of this important field. While emphasizing the fundamentals and touching on significant topics not adequately covered elsewhere, the text avoids topics not relevant to the typical user.

A Case Based Guide To Clinical Rheumatology

RRP $519.99

Conceptualized around illustrative case vignettes, this book is a stimulating point of entry into the diagnosis and treatment of a vast array of rheumatologic diseases. Each case is accompanied by data tables, photographs, and appropriate imaging studies, as well as a table of salient points for patient management. This book covers common rheumatologic ailments in a variety of presentations, including early to advanced disease, the management of patients who have failed first line treatment, the utilization of biologics, and the role of surgery. Rare diseases are also covered, giving the reader a strong grasp of the entire gamut of the field. The experts assembled bring a wealth of experience to each clinical scenario, combining available evidence-based protocols with real world know how. "A Case Based Guide to Clinical Rheumatology" creates an ideal forum for demonstrating diagnosis and management to rheumatologists and primary care physicians.

Pokemon Go Expert Battle Guide

RRP $19.99

The Unofficial Pokemon Go Expert Battle Guide contains tips, tricks, secrets, character guides, statistics, and much more to help you win every Gym battle and become a Battle Master overnight. Includes comprehensive battle statistics for every Pokemon, from strengths and weaknesses and special moves, to recommendations for ideal opponents. Plus this expert's guide features insider insight from gaming expert Matt Yeo and former editor of Pokemon World magazine Russell Murray on how to prepare your PokeDex, formulate strategies, build alliances, and take control of Gyms in your area and beyond! So if you want to step into battle and defeat them all, The Unofficial Pokemon Go Expert Battle Guide is the ultimate handbook for you. With this exhaustive guide in your corner, you'll never lose another battle! For the perfect beginner's guide to all things Pokemon Go check out The Unofficial Pokemon Go Field Guide - essential reading for anyone looking to step up their Pokemon Go game!

Field Trip

RRP $9.99

Missy's fourth book is even more super duper royal deluxe than the last one!

This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line called Branches, which is aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!

In this book, Missy's class goes on a field trip to the state capitol. Missy cannot wait to visit what she is sure will be the most awesome gift shop ever! But she soon learns that the capitol does not have a gift shop. Missy decides this simply MUST change! Since the students are all partnered up for the day, Missy cannot go anywhere without Oscar. Missy knows she is supposed to complete the tour along with the rest of her class, but does Missy do anything like everyone else? As with everything, Missy--and her trusty friend Oscar--find a way to make the class field trip super duper royal deluxe!

A Practical Guide To Understanding The Nmr Of Polymers

RRP $400.99

A Practical Guide to Understanding the NMR of Polymers presents an introduction to the theory and practice of NMR, and includes sections on the fundamental principles of NMR and the applications to polymers. This book will help readers understand how these methods can be used to determine the chemical structure of polymers that influences the macroscopic properties. Solid state NMR methods are introduced to enable the readers to measure the structure of polymers on longer length scales. It is also shown how NMR is used to measure the molecular dynamics that can be related to the mechanical properties of polymers.


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