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European Backyard Birds

RRP $12.99

The vastly diverse and complex ecosystems in Europe are the permanent or temporary home of over 870 species. This beautifully illustrated guide highlights over 130 familiar, widespread species and includes information on attracting, feeding and creating safe habitats for birds to avoid predation and nest. Laminated for durability, this lightweight, pocket-sized folding guide is an excellent source of portable information for novices and experts alike. Made in the USA.

Birds In Beards Coloring Book

RRP $15.99

"You make think it's nice, and you may think it's weird, but beware of the man with a bird in his beard." So begins a ridiculous saga, a love story which includes 30+ portraits of men with beards and the birds who love them. Color in the beard strands (which are like spaghetti in many of the pictures) and the intricate feathers of the many different birds, or just enjoy the silly rhymes about a love gone wrong, due to overzealous bird care. This book appeals to all ages, though the coloring is probably too detailed for young children. Featuring actual portraits of real men with beards, including: 1.Matt Krueger (with a Lazuli Bunting in his beard) 2.Evan Skov (with generic birds in his car) 3.Victorio Piva (with a Falcon on his hand) 4.Mark Kesserich (with Barn Swallows in his beard) 5.Alex Bledsoe (holding an Owl) 6.Junior Jr. (with a Bird of Paradise) 7.Bryce Ziegler (with a Song Sparrow in his beard) 8.R.J. Dietrich (with Parrots and Alex the Cat) 9.Mike Mutant Goggles (with a Red Breasted Nuthatch) 10.Parisse Atkinson (with a choir of Swallows on his arm) 11. Jeffrey Ksul (with Hummingbirds) 12. Ben Boyce (feeding Great Herron chicks from his mouth) 13. Andrew Ettinger (with a Finch in his beard) 14. Matt Evans (with an Owlet) 15. Michael Van Vleet (with a living Robin, and a dead Robin) 16. Brian D. Marohn (hugging a Sage Grouse) 17. Marcelo Moraes (with Chickens) 18. John Francis (with lots of Chickens) 19. Dwayne Fry (with a Turkey) 20. Sean Downing (with a Marsh Wren) 21. Chris Wagoner (with a Western Bluebird and a Gambel's Quail) 22. Fellipe Santos (with Hanging Parrots) 23. Michael Mortensen (with a Penguin) 24. Bob Lee (with a Hummingbird) 25. Buck Samuel Dollars (with Storks) 26. Dan Constein (with a Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker) 27. Professor Batty (with a Peace Dove) 28. Jon Anders Ofjord (with a Swan) 29. Ryan Rysewyk (with a Gouldian Finch) 30. Charlie Kukuri (with Ostriches) 31. Marc Losenegger (with a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak) 32. Chris Hoppe (with Doves flying around his bike) 33. Z. Marohn (with an American Kestrel on her hand)

The Wild Game Birds Manual

RRP $18.99

The pet bird population continues to rise and wild game birds fanciers love bird. The Wild Game Birds Manual is packed with expert advice on raising, feeding, care, diseases and breeding game birds.

This is an essential primer for the newcomer to wild game birds and a classic to add to any birds lover's collection. Whether you are just starting out or already have a few years of experience, this manual puts a wealth of information at your fingertips.

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The Love, Care And Feeding Of Your Senior Cat

RRP $15.99

This helpful guide is a practical primer on how to care for aging cats. A senior cat is a family friend and this booklet gives advice to cat owners about what to expect as their cat advances in age, what lifestyle changes and health symptoms to watch for so that a beloved cat companion can be kept comfortable in their advanced years with your good care and that of your entrusted veterinarian.

Introducing The Birds Of North America

RRP $14.99

Bird groups covered include: Loons and Grebes; Waterfowl; Diurnal Predators; Large Predators; Falcons; Eagles, Vultures, Ospreys and Hawks; Lesser Predators; Hawks and Kestrel; Herons, Bitterns, Rails and Coot; Gulls, Terns, and Shorebirds; Cormorant and Dove; Nocturnal Predators; Owls; Nighthawk and Kingfisher; Woodpecker; Swallows; Perching Birds.


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